Maya autodesk / Substance painter / PSD


I have always loved adventure films and one of my favorites is Back to the futureSo, to model my first 3D vehicle, I thought without hesitation in the Delorean starring the third part of the trilogy. I searched for references on the internet, both the car itself, and the one built by Emmett Brown. I also saw videos of different people who had built their own delorean. 

When it was clear which pieces I had to build, I wrote down in my notebook how to do it in Maya. Then, I started modeling. Later in Substance painter I textured the car taking into account the different types of material.

Finally in Photoshop I put together the image of the Delorean and a photograph of the Monument Valley, I retouched color and lights so that, both images appear as one. I also applied a photographic filter that added texture and made the final image look older.